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In 1631, Pieter Codde and his wife Maritjtge Arents Schildt settled near the old St. Anthoniepoort at the end of the Anthoniebreestraat, in a house they rented from the nearby “Leprooshuis”. The area soon evolved into an artist’ colony, owing to its close proximity to the Painters Guild House and found among Codde’s neighbors were Rembrandt, Pieter Potter and others. He produced several history works and a considerable number of portraits. In 1637, he finished the so-called Meagre Company, now in the Rijksmuseum, an Amsterdam militia piece begun by Frans Hals (1582/83-1666) in 1633. He was particularly prolific during the 1620s and the 1630s, rarely signed after 1645, but remained active as a painter in the 1650s. Codde was active in both artistic and literary circles. In 1627, the poet and playwright Elias Herckmans (c. 1596-1644) dedicated his tragedy Tyrus to the artist, inspired by Codde’s now lost painting of the subject. In 1633 Codde’s own poem of pastoral love ‘Waerom vlucht ghy Millibe’ was published in the volume of poetry Hollands Nachtegaeltjen.

VIDEO: Waerom vlucht ghy Millibe